Sunday, October 29, 2017

Cozy Vibes

Today was the first day the Fall season made an appearance here in the Bay Area. Temperatures were below 60 degrees all day and I couldn't be more excited! It's time to warm up and bring on the cozy vibes around our house.

I splurged a bit last week during Bath and Body Works' 3-wick candle sale. So among my favorites from there, I've compiled a list of wants to create that sense of coziness and Hygge for the upcoming colder months. 

Oversized End of Bed Throw Blanket - Project 62 by Target
I'm loving the new home collection by Project 62. We are on the hunt for a new(bigger) place and I can't wait to shop them and Chip & Joe's new Magnolia collection that comes out at Target on November 5th!

Target sells these in their dollar(ish) section during this season and I absolutely love them. I have a strand hung up around my desk at work as well as on our mantle at home. The twinkly little lights are super cute and festive for any season.

Fresh Basalm 3-Wick Candle by Bath and Body Works
I love this softly scented pine and cedarwood candle. It reminds me that Christmas is coming! It's not overly strong and it passes the husband test for candle scents which is kind of a big deal.

This is like wearing the softest sweater around your neck. It's squishy, oversized, and cozy enough for two people to wear at once! We tested it at an evening wedding in the redwoods last weekend. They make a neutral soft grey and a gorgeous cream-colored version as well. I'll be wearing this at work and on the couch at home since it's blanket-like.

These are my go-to fuzzy socks for wearing around the house. I get these strange foot cramps when my feet are cold so these are a definite must-have for this season! Old Navy has a lot of variety and you can't beat the $5 price tag, which gets even cheaper with their weekly sales.

I purchased a similar dressing gown from Boden last winter and this one has the same fluffy sherpa lining. This is not your average robe--it's super thick and comforting. During the coldest winter nights, I'll often wear this to bed. It's hands-down my favorite thing on this list. If you can hold out a few more weeks, they will likely come out with a holiday print version like the one I got last year. 

Leaves 3-Wick Candle by Bath and Body Works
This is the epitome of Fall scents. It's spicy and somewhat sweet but has a tart apple scent to balance everything out. We have 2 burning in our living room as I type!

I love finding every-day items made a bit special for the season and this does the trick! I can't say it's converted me to enjoy washing dishes but I do get the initial excitement of smelling this yummy apple and spice scent when I do.

What do you do to make your home cozier during these colder months? Would love any recommendations or tips you might have!


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  1. Cozy socks are a must for winter !